The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.
Photo Credit: Sara Fouts Photography

In June 2005, I met this guy.  He was funny, sweet, seemingly shy (ohhhh boy was I wrong on this one), witty, and so genuine.  In August 2015, I married him.  It was one of the best days of my life.


Getting to our wedding day…well…for two indecisive individuals, was quite the fun adventure!  We flipped and we flopped about how we wanted the day to go down.  Where do we want it?  How big do we want it?  What should we serve?  What do we want to wear?  How much do we want to spend?

Note: I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother wanted to strangle us by the time we finally tied the knot.  Thanks to all who went with the flow every time we changed plans.

After going through several plans that we decided just weren’t US, we found ourselves going with an idea we tossed around right after getting engaged.  It couldn’t have been more perfect, and my mom and aunt said they’ve never seen someone smile like the way we did on our wedding day.

Jenna Doore Photography-5553
Photo Credit: Jenna Nicole Photography

We were just so HAPPY.  We ARE just so happy.  Being together, being Mr. and Mrs., is seriously the best!

Read more about how we did it:

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