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“12 Days of Christmas”-Inspired Workout

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends!  I hope you have been enjoying a season full of joy and love with those near and dear to you.

In honor of Christmas Eve, I wanted to share a workout inspired by a popular Christmas carol.  The workout requires no equipment and takes about 25 minutes to complete, so it’s perfect if you are traveling over the season but still want to get your sweat on!

You complete the workout the same way you sing the 12 Days of Christmas, replacing the ‘gifts your true love gave you’ with reps of an exercise, listed in the graphic below.

As an example..

[ROUND 1] On the first day of Christmas, my workout had me do: 1 star jack.
[ROUND 2] On the second day of Christmas, my workout had me do: 2 burpees and 1 star jack
[ROUND 3] On the third day of Christmas, my workout had me do: 3 supermans, 2 burpees, and 1 star jack.
and so on until you get to Round 12!


As always, don’t start any new fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle routine before talking to your health provider.  Honor your personal fitness level and make adjustments to the workout as needed.

Happy Sweating, and Merry Fit-mas!


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