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Quick Cardio Core Workout

Hello and Happy Monday, everyone!

I’ve got a quick cardio core workout for you today.  It’s fast-paced, requires no equipment other than the timer on your smartphone, and is over in just 15 minutes.  Perfect for those of us who may hit the snooze button one too many times this morning, but don’t want to miss out on our daily sweatsesh.

Basically, you’ve got three rounds with two exercises in each round.  You’ll set your timer for five minutes, then get to work completing the first round’s two exercises on repeat as many times as you can until your timer goes off.  Rest, then move on to the next round!  Video examples of the exercises can be found below.  As always, talk to your health provider before making any fitness or lifestyle changes!


Squat Jumps

Cross Body Punches


Frog Crunches

Mountain Climbers


Happy sweating!


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