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Hello, September

Last week I got a text from my husband along the lines of “I cannot wait til fall.  I’m so pumped for jeans and hoodies.”

I’m totally on board with fall. After a summer of intense heat and humidity, I’m unusually excited for all things autumn.  To be perfectly honest, it’s mostly the food I’m looking forward to.  I love all things apple and pumpkin, and am looking forward to the return of soups and chilis on our weekly menu.  But I will definitely miss enjoying the hot days and sunshine.  Summer, don’t go far!

Knowing Ohio, we will still have summer-like days ahead for a few more weeks, but entering September feels like the start to the autumn season.  I’m looking forward to switching up decor, my wardrobe, our menu, and lots of hiking as the colors change!

August flew by, as the days seem to always do, and I focused my attention on intention.  I sat down with Living Forward and started thinking about my life plan and goals differently than before.  As a true Obliger, I often need external accountability to meet my internal expectations (goals), so I wanted to share a few of my September goals with you all.  And, my dad always told me…”write it down, make it happen.”  Let’s dive right in, and feel free to share your September goals in the comments – mutual accountability, right?

Happy Birthday!

01.  Meditate.  There are so many benefits associated with meditation, and I want to give it a try for myself.  It’s something I’ve tried to make a habit of doing, but it just never seems to stick…probably because I don’t put my heart into making it so.  September will be the month where I will meditate for five minutes every day.  I can decide in October if I want to keep it up, or if it’s part of my fantasy self.

02.  Less TV, More Reading.  OK, so TV isn’t a HUGE issue for me, but I know it’s not adding much quality to my life.  Thankfully, we don’t have cable, but we have Netflix.  Netflix is almost worse for me because it’s easy to just hit “play” on the next episode as I mindlessly scroll the internet or work on a project.  I will commit to reading three new books in September – one non-fiction, one fiction, and one other book.  Instead of mindless activity, I’m going to choose to focus on books.  Now…book recommendations, anyone?

03.  New Meals.  Summer was the season of salads, turkey burgers, and steamable frozen veggies.  No shame…but I’m starting to get bored of our usual routine.  I want to prepare five new healthy meals in September to see if we can add a few additional options to our usual rotation.  Hello, Pinterest, let’s be friends.

04.  Relationships.  All relationships need work and I’ll continue working on my existing relationships with my husband, family, and friends, but my goal for September is to put myself out there and meet new people in our area.  To start, I’m planning to attend a local AOII Alumnae Chapter get-together this month and am really looking forward to it!

05. Fitness.  I run a half marathon this weekend and am starting to feel that I need a break from running.  Not forever, but after two marathons this spring and training for this half, a few weeks of another activity sounds like a fun change of pace.  I’m planning to do phase 1 of P90X2 beginning on Monday and am looking forward to switching it up!

Ok, those are just a few goals I have in mind for September.  What about you?  Any goals for September? Let’s keep each other accountable!


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