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Pyramid Power! Workout

Ahh Monday, we meet again!  Let’s make it a great day, full of productivity, fun, and a good workout to boot – sound good?

I’m sharing one of my personal go-to workouts today, a sweaty and powerful pyramid workout!  It combines fun exercises like shuffle burpees (yes, the words “fun” and “burpees” in the same sentence) with strength-building exercises like push-ups and lunges.

Perform each exercise for the number of repetitions.  Move your way up the pyramid, then perform a 400m sprint (or other high-intensity exercise of your choice!) before coming back down the pyramid.  As always, check with your health provider before making any fitness or lifestyle changes!


Links to video examples of the above exercises are below, however, please honor YOUR body and modify as needed!

Shuffle Burpees 

Squat with Row


Criss-Cross Jumps

Walking Lunge

Grab your water bottle and a towel, it’s about to get sweaty!  If you try it, let me know what you think 🙂

What are your go-to workouts?  

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