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Weekend Fun and Painting Pottery

Good morning, good morning everyone!

I’m enjoying typing up this blogpost with the window open, listening the rumbles of an early morning summer storm.  A few big thunderclaps woke me up before my alarm, and after I took a glance at my weather app, I knew a morning run was off the table.  So, I figured I’d pop in a little early and chat with you all!  I hope you had a great weekend 🙂


Although it was definitely prior to 5:30am when the thunder started 😉

Our weekend was fun, relaxing, and spent with family – my favorite!  We arrived at my parent’s place late on Friday and chatted up a storm with everyone before heading to bed.

Saturday started off with a 7 mile run with my favorite guy.  The weather was perfect for running – 63 and partly sunny – so it ended up being the best long run of this training cycle so far.

After a quick dip in the pool to refresh, we headed out to try to enjoy a cooler, overcast day by the pool.  After a few hours, my dad had the idea to go paint pottery at a local studio.  We’ve done this several times as a family over the years, and always have a great time trying to get creative.  It takes a week for the studio for fire the pieces, so after our next trip home I’ll be sure to post a pic of what I did.  Don’t get your hopes up though, my painting skills could use some improvement 😉


Sunday morning, I joined my dad and sister for The Challenge c/o P90X3.  It’s a workout we do together often when I’m home, and includes a variety of pull-ups and push-ups.  The idea is you ‘pick your numbers’  – the number of pull-ups and the number of push-ups you plan to do each set – and complete five supersets of each.  It’s intense in the best way possible, and my upper body is feeling the afterburn today!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful day, hanging by the pool and soaking up the sun.  We headed home in the evening, but only after stopping to grab some much-needed road trip fuel and also celebrate National Ice Cream Day!


Well friends, the storm has officially rolled in strong and since I definitely won’t be running, I’m off to get an early start to the workday.

Wishing you all an amazing week – make it a great one!



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