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Guess What Day It Is?

Hello, everyone!

Guess what day it is?  GUESS what DAY it IS?

I don’t think this will ever get old for me.  Most Wednesdays I end up watching this video once or twice and it instantly puts me in a great mood.  Gotta love things that simply make you happy!

Before we jump into our Wednesday, I wanted to pop in and talk about Tuesday!

Tuesday I did the work thing and after work, headed off to teach an evening spin class.  It was the last class I’ll teach before 2016 begins and I am eagerly anticipating the rush that hits the gym as some people start working on a fitness new year resolution.  My goal as an instructor is to keep them on board with their desire to make fitness part of their everyday lifestyle.  Bring it on!


After class, I headed home to hang out with my hubby and we ended up talking about our upcoming Hawaii honeymoon for a while.  We have a couple of tours scheduled and have a looong list of recommended sites and activities we want to check out, so we’ve created a loose itinerary for each day.  Ultimately though, we want to be able to take most days as they come and be mindful of not packing each day full of activity.  We do not want to need a vacation from our vacation after this!  I’ll share more about our upcoming trip in a post tomorrow, and would love any tips or suggestions you want to add to our list!

Well, my friends, it’s time to get back to Hump Day!  Make today a great one 🙂


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