70’s Themed Spin Playlist

As an instructor, I’m always asking my participants for their input and feedback for classes.  I love to hear about what types of workouts they like, exercises they’d like to see, and music they’d like to hear. I value their opinions and ideas, and it helps me tailor the classes to them (and hello, they’re the reason why we get to do what we love!).

So when my evening spin class requested a 70’s-themed class, I immediately agreed and started putting together a playlist.  After a few days of brainstorming with no luck, I turned to Amazon Prime for help and was able to put together a rockin’ playlist my class LOVED.  In fact, they’ve requested 70’s music since and want to keep that theme going as long as possible.  Whatever makes them happy and forget I’m taking them through a long uphill climb

For you instructors out there, or those of you looking to jazz up your workout playlists, I’ve included some of our favorite songs below.  Feel free to recommend your favorite 70’s themed songs in the comments!

70's Theme Spin Playlist

Question: If you could create a themed playlist, what theme would you use?

Have a great one 🙂



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