Best.Day.Ever. – Part 3

Last but not least, let’s recap the final event of our marriage celebration…our brunch reception!

Jenna Doore Photography-1113.jpg

In case you missed it…Part 1 and Part 2.

As I mentioned in Part 2, we wanted to be able to celebrate with our family and friends who weren’t able to be at our ceremony.  We wanted to thank them for their love and support throughout our lives, and invite them to share in our joy as we stepped into this new chapter.

We both love donuts…and coffee…and waffles…and pretty much all breakfast food…so, a brunch reception was an easy decision!

We held the reception at a local golf club near my parents’ home, and loved the coordinator there.  She made everything incredibly easy for us, and we had very little stress heading into the day.  Pro Tip: A wedding coordinator is the and makes your life easy.  If you can find a facility that has one, their expertise is unmatched!

We had the option to use some decor the facility already had, and added our own touches to personalize the space.

Jenna Doore Photography-1118

Including a morning newspaper to keep our guests busy!  It included a little bit about each of us for the guests who are newer to our lives, a crossword,  fun facts about our relationship, and a thank you message for our guests.  I made the newspaper myself using Microsoft Word.  If you’re interested in my template, I’m happy to remove our text and send it to you!  Just shoot me an email!

Jenna Doore Photography-1149

Our table names were based on meaningful places and experiences, and were part of the small centerpieces that my mom and I made the day prior.

Jenna Doore Photography-1142.jpg

We used a book of our engagement photos and a Jenga set as our guest books…and took advice from our guests for our marriage.

Jenna Doore Photography-1191.jpg

Like many receptions, we started with a blessing, cake cutting, and food.

Jenna Doore Photography-1277

Lots of really awesome brunch food.

Jenna Doore Photography-1417

Including a waffle bar.

Jenna Doore Photography-1405.jpg

Did I mention we really, really like breakfast food?

Jenna Doore Photography-1174.jpg

After food…we danced!

Jenna Doore Photography-1700.jpg

We chose lots of party classics, easy rock, and pop for our reception.

Jenna Doore Photography-1858

We were a little hesitant to offer dancing at a morning event, but our family was groovin’ on the dance floor for quite some time!


Jenna Doore Photography-2002.jpg

Thank you so much to all who have shared in our joy and celebration!  We love you very, very much and appreciate all of the love, support, and fun that you fill our lives and our hearts with every day.

All photos: Jenna Nicole Photo  <–if you are in Northwest Ohio, you MUST look her up if you are planning any photoshoots.


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