Best.Day.Ever. – Part 2

Okay, so today we’re going to recap our WEDDING DAY!  Not that I don’t think about this day all the time.  We simply could not have asked for a more meaningful, perfect day.  I know many friends/family members have been curious about our wedding plans and what we did, since it definitely was less than traditional!  I wanted to share more about what we did because 1- I loved it and could talk about it all day, 2- I wanted a chance to write it all down to remember by in the future, and 3- to share an idea with you all that a non-traditional wedding can be beautiful, meaningful, and enjoyable!


We got married on the beach at my aunt and uncle’s cottage on the lake.  We’ve been visiting there for about ten years, and it is one of my favorite places on the planet.  Thankfully, Tim also finds the place special and after making several plans for venues that just didn’t sit well for us, we approached my aunt and uncle with the idea and they very, very graciously allowed us to use it for that purpose.  Doing it there meant we did all of the work -but it was beyond worth it.  We didn’t want perfect, but somehow, it ended up perfect for us.

Jenna Doore Photography-4309.jpg

Yes – we made this arch out of driftwood the day before our ceremony.  The stand is a music stand we already had, and the pillar is an old garden item my aunt had.  

Wardrobe, Bridal Party, and Getting Ready

I didn’t like any dresses I tried on with my mom (bless her soul for putting up with me), but I liked many I saw online.  I gravitated toward lacy dresses, but wasn’t crazy about the idea of tripping over myself (one of my nicknames is Grace…it was bound to happen).  After we decided on a beach wedding, I knew a short dress was in my future and found this one online for $50 with free shipping.  I ordered it immediately, knowing the company had an excellent return policy.  For Tim, we kept it simple with khaki shorts and a classic white button down.Jenna Doore Photography-5823.jpg

Oh yea…I made my bouquet, Tim’s boutonniere, and what the girls carried – one daisy with some greenery.   

Our girls wore a navy blue dress of their choice, and the guys wore khaki shorts with white button downs.  Everyone, even our guests, followed the “life is better barefoot” motto and shoes were quickly removed in favor of the sand between our toes.

Simple and classic, and everyone was comfortable!



I did my own makeup and curled my own hair, but my mom did the finishing touches.Jenna Doore Photography-4434

Our flower girl/ring bearer was this cutie pie.

Jenna Doore Photography-4337.jpg

The Ceremony

We asked my uncle to marry us, and it meant so much to have him lead us in a beautiful ceremony and pronounce us as husband and wife for the first time.  Jenna Doore Photography-5041.jpg

I had my parents walk me down the aisle together, a moment I will never forget sharing with each of them.  After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate!

Jenna Doore Photography-5403.jpg

No wedding is complete without cake!  Since our ceremony was in the morning, a DIY donut cake was the perfect way to celebrate.  We also offered other brunch-y foods like pastry, fruit, and nuts.  Coffee was a must, too! 😉

We spent the next several hours enjoying a beautiful day on the lake, celebrating love and sharing laughs- with each other, our families, and our close friends.

Jenna Doore Photography-4389.jpg

It was an incredible day – full of love and fun, and personal, meaningful touches that we felt exemplified who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to continue to be as a couple entering this new chapter of life together.  We cannot thank our family and friends enough for their continued support and love, and help putting together our day!

Best friends for life, husband and wife.

Jenna Doore Photography-4644.jpg

Since we kept we kept our wedding day an intimate affair, we wanted to have the opportunity to share our joy with other family and friends and show them how grateful we are for their support and love throughout our lives…so, we held a brunch reception!  Details to come in a separate post.


If you made it all the way to the end, you deserve a high five!  Thank you for your support, and for sharing in our joy.


Photo Credit: Jenna Nicole Photo  <– SHE IS AMAZING.



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