Marley Lilly Scarf Review

Disclaimer: I was selected by Marley Lilly to review this product.  Although I did receive the product in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own. 

When my sisters and I were growing up, our names were on everything.  We even had PENCILS with our names imprinted on them.  Yea…we were cool kids.  Were you the same way?

It’s now a trend to have monogrammed EVERYTHING.  From running shorts to jewelry, and wristlets to scarfs, monograms are everywhere.  I fell for the monogram trend immediately…I love beautiful script and the way it adds that extra-special touch to a seemingly simple item.

Marley Lilly is an online store that specializes in monograms.  Think of anything you could monogram, and I’m pretty sure Marley Lilly has it on their website.  Marley Lilly sent me a beautiful red pashmina scarf and I absolutely love it.  I could definitely see myself purchasing gifts from their website for girlfriends (or maybe even just because for myself…!).


Some of the pieces that caught my eye on their website:

Monogrammed Clear Tumbler – would be a great gift for a coworker or someone who loves their coffee!

Monogrammed Non-Slip Wooden Cutting Board – for a wedding shower or a someone who loves to cook!

Monogrammed Cross-Body Clutch – my sister has one of these and I adore it!

Monogrammed German Taylor Bracelet – a beautiful addition to any outfit!

Did you hop on board the monogram trend?  Take a look around the Marley Lilly website and leave me a comment with one of your favorite products!


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