What’s Up? Let’s Talk Over Tea!

Hello hello to you beautiful, amazing people!

Oh how I have missed you.  I’ve got a lot to share and I know I have a lot to hear about from you, so grab a hot mug of tea and let’s talk about…

What’s Up…
My last post was on 9/23 – right after starting my new job!  (Insert happy tears, happy dance, and relief!)  I wanted to make sure I hit the ground running and soak up everything I was learning, so in the mornings and at night I was doing my best to review and understand what my new role entails and all that accompanies it.  I accepted an absolutely amazing position and I could not be happier with where I ended up.  I’m also very thankful that I was able to find a position that moves me closer to my favorite guy 🙂

Take that, distance relationships! It only took us 7+ years to get here…haha 🙂


On moving…
Real talk – I’ve never lived more than five minutes away from my family at any point in time.  I’m grateful that while my position took me about two hours east (Hello, CLE!), I get to live near my fiance’s family and my aunt and uncle.  Tim and I are still on the hunt for an apartment that allows us to live about halfway between our respective jobs, so you’ll likely be seeing a few posts about a bigger move in the coming weeks or months.

Lucky for me, Tim’s band is based out of Bowling Green, which means we will still be back often to spend time with our loved ones there.  We were there last weekend and at the beginning of October for BGSU homecoming.  It was so nice to see so many good friends from college and spend time catching up!


photo 1
My amazing Falcon Fitness coworkers! I’m so thankful for these two strong, inspiring women!
photo 2
After the Falcon Fitness Alumni Fusion workout! Starting homecoming weekend off right!
photo 3
Alpha Phi Omega Family
photo 4
With some of my beautiful, strong, and outstanding Alpha Omicron Pi Sisters!

On Health and Fitness…
Health and fitness is one of my top priorities no matter what!  Yes, I’ve shifted a lot and 3 hour workout sessions are no longer a regular thing (oh how I miss working at a rec center!), but healthy living is what makes me happiest and I know is what’s best for me.  A lot has been going on since we last talked…including running my THIRD marathon!

photo 1 (1)
I saw this bumper sticker at the Akron Marathon expo – I didn’t buy it, but had to take a photo! Notice the anxious expression – I was nervous for the race!
photo 2
After the finish! It ended up being a VERY warm race day!
photo 3 (1)
Despite a rough training plan, I somehow PR’d!

After the marathon, I took the week off of running and focused on stretching, walking, and some light strength training.  My first run after the marathon was the Freddie and Frieda 5K (BGSU’s Homecoming 5K) with my girl Steph!

Since then, I’ve been doing some Beachbody programs at home (21 Day Fix + PiYo), working out at my worksite’s gym, and some shorter-distance runs.  The CHAARG Fall Fit Plan started last week and I’m signed up for a 5 mile trail race with Steph TODAY, so that’s what is currently on my plate!  I will be taking some time off running toward the end of the year and start of 2015 to focus on strength + flexibility. I’ve been dying to take a hot yoga class and think I’m finally going to cross that off the list!

Healthy Eats I’ve been all about lately – Strawberry shakeology, bananas+apples with PB (okay…anything with PB!), big salads, and sweet potatoes!  YUM!  I love all of the fall produce!

On Transitioning from Workout Clothes 24/7 to Working Girl…
This transition was rough!  Haha I’m just kidding, but who wouldn’t want to wear stretchy, comfy clothes all day?!  I’m a walking Old Navy, H&M, or TJ Maxx ad most days of the week – I love pieces that are versatile and can go from work to play easily and usually purchase items in neutrals (browns/tans, blues, greys, whites, and black).  I am still looking for a few accessory pieces that are classy with a little bit of 20-something flair.  If you have anything in mind or want to share a link to a piece YOU love, please tell me!

^Story of my life.

On Things I’ve Been Loving Lately…
*SleepyTime Tea – I recently started preparing a hot mug of tea to sip while winding down at night.  I love my new, soothing ritual.

*Fall hiking – Northeast Ohio is absolutely beautiful and has so many parks and trails to explore, I know there are many fun adventures to be had in the future.  For example, Tim and I thought we were going on a 1.2 mile loop hike and over an hour and a half later…well…you get the idea 😉  It all ended up just fine and we had fun talking and laughing on the way!

*Etsy – I found a perfect Christmas gift on here the other day!  I can’t believe it’s already time to think about the holidays and prepare for the quest of finding the perfect gift for everyone!

*Podcasts – I commute over an hour each way to get to my workplace right now (hopefully we find an apartment a little closer!) and have been using that time for professional and personal development – gotta make the best of it!

Okay…wow…I think that’s enough from me for now!  I have a few product reviews coming your way in the next few days, so make sure you pop back in for that!  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Live well today!




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