My Soulmate Workout with my Sole(and soul!)mate

Hello and happy Monday, friends!

How was it? My day was great, but knowing my soulmate workout was waiting for me (along with my handsome guy!) was icing on the cake.

A soulmate workout is a workout you love, one that makes you do this…

One of my soulmate workouts is running. I love it, plain and simple. I especially love that running can be done solo or with others. Running solo is my “me time” and definitely has it’s own perks. Running with others is just icing on the cake of awesome for me, especially when that person is Tim.

I did two miles (1 mile down, 1 mile up!) on my own…

And three with my favorite running buddy!

Finding my soulmate workout(s) took some time, and I’m open to change over time, but my soulmate workouts are part of what motivates me to get my tushy off the couch and MOVE. Looking forward to a workout makes me more likely to stick with it…so if you’re in a rut or unmotivated, try switching it up or do the workout you love or that makes you happiest!

So…what is YOUR soulmate workout? Or, what is the workout that makes you as excited as Agnes?

Do you like to workout with others? Or is working out your time for just you?

Do you workout with your significant other?


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