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California Trip – Part 1 and Oak Openings 25K

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday I woke up feeling really worn out and sick, which meant I took a day off from working out.  I also took the day off because I had ran the Oak Openings Stampede 25K Trail Run the day before, so I wasn’t too upset about it…haha 🙂  I plan to do a PiYo workout and go for a short, easy run today to help get my muscles back in gear.  The Akron Marathon is less than two weeks away!

The Oak Openings Stampede 25K Trail Run was my first trail race and it was so fun that I;m already thinking about running the 50K (what!!) next year!  The course was entirely on a trail, which meant limited aid stations and portapotties.  It was also a very small field, which meant easy parking and a low-key packet pick-up.  I loved the laid-back, easy-going, happy attitude that seemed to come with this race. Everyone was incredibly positive, motivating, and friendly – which was good because we seemed to run in packs for parts of the race (it was hard to pass others on a narrow trail).

My running buddy!
My running buddy!
The fabulous finisher's medal
The fabulous finisher’s medal

I will say that taking a red-eye home the day before a big race was NOT my smartest idea, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I just will try to avoid doing that in the future 😉  Onto recapping the first part of our California adventure!

The reason for the trip: vacation!  Tim and I have never taken a vacation together where there wasn’t a conference or event involved, and we wanted to visit some of his friends that he was close with when he lived out there a few years ago.  We booked flights on Southwest (love!) and Spirit (our first time with the airline) and used Priceline to rent a car.

We had planned to get out to California around 10:00AM on Monday morning, but due to plane mechanics and a missed connection we ended up arriving around 5:00PM.  This meant we missed a whole day of our trip, which we were bummed about but know that some things are just out of our control.  After picking up our rental car we headed to Tim’s former roommate’s place and grabbed a late bite to eat (and I went to bed right after getting home!).

The next day we got a quick run in before hitting hit up Venice and Santa Monica beaches and visiting some friends.  I found a Groupon for Jay’s Cycles in Venice Beach, so we rode bikes up and down the coast before heading for the ocean.

Show me those muscles!
Show me those muscles!
This is the BEST view – beach, ocean, and mountains all in one glance!

Venice and Santa Monica definitely have a touristy vibe to them, but they have some great things to do and the beaches always seem to be clean and reasonably safe.  We paid to park in Venice, but if you’re there early enough you could try to find street parking a little farther away from the beach.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the adventure!

Make today a great one, friends!



One thought on “California Trip – Part 1 and Oak Openings 25K

  1. Congrats on the 15K! I wanted to do it this year (But lacked on my training!) Good to know it was a fun race, hope to complete it next year!

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