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3 Words Per Picture – Weekend Edition

Hello again and Happy Monday, friends!  Another week is upon us and I’m challenging YOU to set one personal goal to accomplish this week.  After all, setting goals is something that helps us.  It helps us make moves to move in the direction we want to be heading and also helps us build self-confidence.  My goal this week is to take four large containers of gently used items that I no longer use/someone else needs more than I do to the local Goodwill.  This is helping me work toward my overall goal of living simply.  

Setting weekly goals is something I usually do on Sunday evenings (A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!), but I wanted to share this one with you and also encourage you to set your own goals this week.  If you want to be my accountabilibuddy, share one of your goals in the comments.  I don’t care if it’s a lifestyle goal, nutrition goal, exercise goal, reading goal, time management goal…it’s YOURS.  I just want to help you achieve it (and I may need you to help me achieve mine!).  

A different start than usual to my Monday morning post, but let’s roll with it!  Onto the usual photos:

Out to eat —IMG_4051.JPG

Lake loving family —IMG_4087.JPG

Someone went swimming —IMG_4062.JPG

Dog picture fail —IMG_4066.JPG

Ice cream cake —IMG_4106.JPG

Lake Erie sunset —IMG_4095.JPG

Geneva State ParkIMG_4103.JPG

Bad sister pic —IMG_4090.JPG

Watermelon pico-de-gallo heaven —IMG_4109.JPGThe recipe for the watermelon pico-de-gallo can be found HERE (we did not put onion in ours though!).  Thank you, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, for being you.  I love her show so much…and so does our family!

Well…I think that’s all for today!  We’re moving my youngest sister back to college and I’m already feeling the warm fuzzies and sappiness set in.  I also can’t believe that this is my first year EVER not going back to school.  I don’t know how I feel about that!  Maybe it’s time to look into a PhD program? 

Share your sunshine today!




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