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Why I Love: Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS

It is no secret that I wear the Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, my watch is a frequent subject of photos.

The Evidence:

I often get questions about my watch and decided that as much as I love getting to chat with you about your specific questions, I should create one post that covers some of the ones I get most frequently, as well as the ones I was asking prior to getting this particular watch. Feel free to scroll around and find your question – if you don’t see it here, feel free to leave one in the comments and I will do my best to answer it or direct you to a credible resource (AKA the Nike website).

Why Nike?  Why not Garmin, which appears to be popular with runners?

I have absolutely nothing against Garmin.  I’ve never worn one, therefore you’ll have to ask someone who does wear them about the different features.  

I chose Nike because I have been using Nike+ since I started running, so I felt it was an easy transition to a watch.  I understood how Nike+ worked with the mile logging, the ‘levels’ that you are in based on how many miles you’ve logged, and the other various features of Nike+, like getting to connect with fellow users (I have to admit – I still don’t understand what “Nikefuel” is…).

The Nike+ app on my phone has a ‘handheld’ feature where you hold it in your hand while you run and it picks up the movement to log your miles.  I like this feature because I don’t have the compatible foot pod to wear with my watch for indoor runs, however because it’s all Nike+, my miles all sync to the same spot!  Love it!

Was it expensive?  Why not just continue to use your Nike+ app on your iPhone?

The current cost of a Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS is $140.00 (ordering through  This includes the watch, a foot pod you insert into your shoe for indoor workouts or to pick up when you lose satellite signal, a USB charging cord, and a quick start guide.  You can purchase the compatible Polar heart rate monitor strap for an additional $69.00

I have to be honest with y’all — I stalked eBay and Amazon for about two months to find the set I wanted.  I wanted to purchase the watch and a heart rate monitor strap in one set, which I was able to do with some patience.  I ended up getting mine for about $150, but only included the watch and the HRM strap.  This was fine with me, because I’ve used Nike foot pods in the past and know how to purchase one if I needed to.  I still haven’t, by the way.

I went with the watch because I hated wasted so much data and battery when ran with my phone.  Also, I was getting into a groove of enjoying running without music and since I run in a safe area, I felt comfortable leaving my phone at home (always telling someone where I was going, when I’d be back, and giving them an idea about where I’d be running).  Also, I teach group fitness classes and wanted the heart rate monitor feature for non-running related workouts.  I wanted ONE device that could do all of the above instead of needed to buy a GPS watch and a HRM watch.

Is it easy to use?

YES.  The watch itself has a USB, which is how you charge it, update the software, and log your workouts on the Nike+ website.

There are three buttons on one side, which in essence are ‘up’ ‘down’ and ‘select.’  I don’t understand video game controllers with all of the buttons and how they work, so it made my day to see such simple technology.  

The software is an easy download through the Nike+ website and automatically pops up every time you plug your watch into your computer.  

Can I just use it as a Heart Rate Monitor?

Yes. 🙂  And you can use the heart rate monitor feature while you run!

Some of my favorite things about the watch:

*It’s easy to use and easy to charge

*It gives you ‘cheers’ when you finish, like “high five” and “way to go!”  (It truly is the little things for me…haha)

*It stores my history, my route, my distance/pace, etc. online once I sync it so I can go back to review for my training logs

*It can be set to ‘beep’ every mile or for different intervals so you can keep your eyes on the road instead of your watch when doing interval/speed works

*It stores your personal records – like fastest 5K and farthest distance!

My Biggest Tip for Using Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS

Update the watch frequently by plugging it into your computer.  This helps the watch sync with satellite sooooooo much faster.  I have gone a couple of weeks without doing this before with no trouble, but once my watch stops wanting to pick up signal within a minute or so I know it’s time for a quick refresh.  

My Biggest Wish to Improve the Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS

I would love if Nike were to make the next version of this watch more water resistant.  I don’t swim in the watch, but one day I got caught in a torrential downpour and water seeped into my watch.  A few hours in front of the dehumidifier and it was just fine, but even so I’m not just a fair-weather runner and now get incredibly nervous heading out in the rain.

There you go!  I hope this helped answer some of your questions.  If I had to purchase a new GPS watch, I’d do it all over again (but this time, in white!).  I’ll be honest though, the new Garmin Forerunner 15 is catching my eye because it also has an activity tracker.  Nike…you should get on this feature because I don’t want to leave my beloved Nike+ community with an activity tracker!

Do you wear a GPS watch?  What kind/how long have you had it?

Activity trackers – do you have one?  Which one?  How do you like it?

Headphones+music while working out – yay or nay?


5 thoughts on “Why I Love: Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS

  1. Great information! I never knew much about the Nike + system until now. I’ve always been a Garmin girl, but I love the look of the Nike + system!

  2. So I have this watch & love it too. I definitely didn’t know you could use it as just a HRM though – do you know how that works? I may need to pick up the HRM accessory pack. I started out the same way, using my phone and the Nike+ app, which is why I decided to grab this watch instead of the others. 🙂

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