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Friday Favorites

Hello and Happy Friday!  This week FLEW by and after spending about 1300 miles in the car over the past ten days, I’m looking forward to a couple of days away from my steering wheel.  🙂  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

I enjoyed thinking about my week and what ‘favorites’ I wanted to share with you today, so here we go!

Panera Tropical Hibiscus Iced Tea


I had a few hours to kill in between some appointments last week and scoped out a nearby Panera for a snack and free Wi-Fi so I could get some work done.  I had a free birthday pastry (YUM!) and tried their Tropical Hibiscus Iced Tea.  It was slightly fruity and very refreshing.  I added a few lemon wedges to amp up the flavor and did not add any sweetener.  While reading reviews for this tea online while preparing for this post, many suggest adding one or two sugar packets.  I felt they weren’t necessary, but whatever floats your boat!  I will definitely be back for this tea before the season is over.

KIND Healthy Grains Bars


I L-O-V-E this on-the-go, tasty snack!  I grabbed a box of these bars before my crazy week of driving to prevent snacking on some not-so-healthy munchies.  They satisfied my craving for something chewy and sweet.  I also like the Kind Fruit and Nut bars for a sweet and salty snack.  I grab KIND bars when they’re on sale at the grocery, and I encourage you to check them out and do the same!

Baseball Games


This one seems a little unusual coming from me, but I actually enjoy watching baseball games.  (I cannot watch them on TV though — I think I need the atmosphere to really get into it!)  The conference I attended last weekend included a ticket to the Indianapolis Indians game and it was fun going to the game with our group!

Alright, those are just a few favorites from this past week!  Play along in the comments if you’d like — what were some of your favorites from the week?

Have a healthy and happy weekend!



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