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Friday Favorites

Hello, everyone!

Happy Friday! My sisters and I started our weekend off early by driving up to the lake yesterday afternoon. Two of us are staying until Sunday and I’m excited to spend some QT (quality time) with my aunt, uncle, and grandparents at the cottage! I’m currently blogging from my phone in patchy service, so my apologies for any fumble thumbs!

Here are some of the things I’m loving this week:

EOS Lipbalm


My grandmother gave me this lipbalm for my birthday and I instantly fell in love with the way it makes my lips feel. It’s silky and not tacky, which is perfect for me. It also has SPF 15, which makes it a smart choice for this beach bum (haha).

Jump Rope Workouts

The CHAARG BootyCamp started this past Monday and this week had two workouts that featured my [new!!] hot pink jump rope (found at TJ Maxx for $5). Jumping rope always gets my heart pumping and makes me sweat in the best way. Jump rope workouts are also travel-friendly and can even be done equipment free (just pretend!) if you need it to be. I packed my jump rope in my weekend bag and am looking forward to a lovely sweat sesh on the beach!

Strawberry Season


I am absolutely in love with this bright red, sweet, juicy fruit and have been for as long as I can remember.  There’s just something about starting summertime off with strawberry season.  It makes me a little sad to know that the season is pretty much over, but it’s been a delicious treat to get these babies from a local grower this month.

Monograms and Thoughtfulness


I shared this photo on Instagram (@tnewlove) earlier this week, but haven’t posted about it here.  I met up with a very special girlfriend for lunch on Monday and she gave me a birthday gift that was incredibly thoughtful – a monogrammed infusion pitcher and drinking glass!  I am so touched by this gift and am looking forward to trying out some fun fruits, veggies, and herbs in my new pitcher.  Any suggestions on combinations to try?

I guess it’s time to slather on some sunscreen and head down to the beach!

Play Along:

What is one of your favorites this week?  Leave a comment below!




One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love the birthday gifts!! For infused water, my favorite is mint, raspberries, and sparkling water. I also like pineapple alone. Or oranges and strawberries. A great detox water is lemon, cucumber, and mint. I love it! Sometimes when I want a little caffeine, I’ll use PureLyft.

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