3 Words Per Picture – Birthday Weekend Edition

This past weekend we had so many things to do, and it went by in a blur! ย Luckily I was able to capture some of it in photos to help remember it by ๐Ÿ™‚

3 Words Per Photo:

Hot towpath run–



Happy running couple–

Breakfast of champions —



I’m now 24 —20140623-112212-40932694.jpg

Chocolate covered heaven —20140623-112215-40935854.jpg

Not my dog —20140623-112216-40936259.jpg

First Pandora bracelet —20140623-112217-40937344.jpg

Fiance’s a rockstar ๐Ÿ˜‰ —20140623-112218-40938076.jpg

Best protein [powder] ever —


“Welcome home” smiles



Now it’s time to plan out the week and update the to-do list! ย Are you doing this, too? ย If not, I encourage you to try it – planning ahead helps me stay focused, accomplish tasks, and feel less anxious about what I need to do.

What did you do this weekend? ย 

Have you ever had chocolate-covered strawberry cake? ย (If not, you need to because it’s AMAZING!!!!)


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