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Shaky Arms and Working Out With My Sister

Working out with other people is one of my most favorite things to do.

Working out with my sister falls into that category.

My sister came over and we wanted to tackle a workout that challenged our upper body and core.  I flipped through my workout inspiration book and quickly came up with an upper body workout for the two of us to do.  I created a superset-style workout so we could switch exercises that used the one set of 10-lb dumbbells.  It was a sweaty workout that had my arms shaking.



We finished up with a random assortment of core exercises.

The rest of the day was spent outside reading by the pool – the thunderstorms that were forecasted never showed up!  After dinner, I squeezed in a quick run on my way to grab fro-yo with my sister and a friend.  Running + fro-yo = a winning combination.

I guess it’s time for this girl to hit the hay – I have a long drive tomorrow and want to be well rested!  Have a good night!

What is your favorite arm exercise to do?

What is your favorite thing to eat after a workout?  What is the oddest thing you’ve craved after a workout?
I once went for a long run and could not stop thinking about Panera’s Vegetable Soup.  I don’t know why.



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