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Graduation Day #2

I did it!  We did it!  We’re officially MASTERS DEGREE HOLDERS!


This girl has been my partner in crime through it all and I cannot tell you how blessed it was to have her by my side the past two years.  From good times to struggle bussing it through late nights, keeping our fitness and health in priority, getting engaged and planning weddings, working and trying to fit everything in to our busy schedules, and just keeping it all together, this girl was there.  We were texting each other at our grad school orientation trying to find each other to meet up, and you couldn’t have paid us enough to walk apart at graduation.

It was quite the interesting time, but WE DID IT!  We officially have our Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Education.

Unfortunately, my grandfather went into the hospital hours before the ceremony, so my mom, aunt, and grandma weren’t able to stick around for the whole ceremony.  My sister and I graduated with our master’s degrees together (awwww), so they stuck around long enough to watch us walk across the stage.  We both really appreciated that, but understood that they may not have made it all all.  (My grandpa is doing fine now!)

My fitness/internship supervisor/career mentor and I squeezed in one last workout together before I left.   One of our other instructors shared THIS website with us and we selected a random workout to check out.  I am now obsessed and encourage you to check it out – no equipment workouts that you can fit into any time schedule!


After our workout, I quickly went to turn in my key at my office and say goodbye to my coworkers.  I didn’t expect to feel as sad as I do, but that’s okay.  The last picture of my desk:


After a quick goodbye, I headed home to shower up and put the final touches on my graduation cap.  I had the HARDEST time decided what to put on it: fitness, employee wellness, wellness in general, my life in general…haha 🙂  This is what I went with:


The cap on the left is my master’s cap, the cap on the right is my bachelor’s cap.

After getting ready, Tim arrived and we bolted out the door to make it just in time for my future Brother-in-law’s commissioning ceremony.  I didn’t get a good picture at the ceremony of my sister and her fiance, so here’s one from after graduation:


Both of them graduated this weekend – congratulations!

And just more pictures from commencement to wrap up this post:

Sisters – Tess graduated with her Master of Public Administration degree!
Falcon Fitness graduates!
MPH Graduates (ps why is it so hard to keep your cap on straight?)
Our graduation caps
Tim and I


It’s a weird feeling to be done!  I’m so thankful to have had this experience, but there’s not much time to relax and celebrate yet – I’ve gotta pack up and move out of my current apartment.  That’s what will be taking place the rest of the weekend 🙂

What are you doing this weekend?

When was the last time you moved?  What is one key packing tip you follow?
I’ve moved around a lot since starting college – I use plastic crates that stack to help keep items together and for easy storage!


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