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Flying Pig Marathon Recap #1 – Packet Pick-Up and Expo

Yesterday I ran my second full marathon, the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was a MUCH better experience than my first marathon was (which was cold, rainy, and I think I had tears in my eyes for a solid 3 miles toward the end).  It was an incredibly fun run and I am happy to say that I’m ready to do it again.  Seriously.


The weekend started with a road trip to Cincinnati with my sister, Tess, to pick up our race day packets and check out the marathon expo.  We had little trouble parking, which was great considering the expo is in the downtown area.  We breezed through registration and bib pick-up before heading over to the expo center.

The expo was HUGE and was incredibly crowded, but it was fun taking some time to walk through and check out the various booths.  The tshirt pick-up ended up being at the complete opposite side of the center, which we found out after standing in line at the P&G booth.  Hey, we thought the long line was for tshirts, not free lady-week products (which I was ecstatic about too, don’t get me wrong!).  I was so paranoid about getting the right size tshirt, I made Tess go all the way through the expo without looking at any booths the first time.  A girl needs her tshirt, right?

After getting our shirts, we snaked our way back through the Expo to check out the booths this time.  We saw a lot of interesting booths for gear, training, and upcoming races in the area.  We were incredibly excited to find two booths in particular: Girls on the Run Cincinnati (me) and Team Challenge (Tess).  Team Challenge is the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America’s endurance training/philanthropy group.  Tess has IBD and I’ve been tested multiple times for the various diseases as well, so we were thrilled to find the group and spend some time talking to them about their programs.  I would love to do one of their runs with my sister someday!

Tess was head-over-heels excited, so we actually went back to take a picture with the two lovely ladies who were so kind to chat with us.


Sorry for the blurry picture!  It was awkward standing in the middle of a very crowded aisle and try to take a good quality photo.  I think I just snapped a few and jumped out of the way!

My friend, Ben, ended up catching up to us as we neared the end of the expo and would couldn’t help but take a photo with a flying pig!


Biker Pig showin’ off his good side!

Random Side Note: Pre-expo, I read that you could sign up for FREE carpool parking and they would bus you to and from the start line, but you had to sign up and get a permit at the expo.  Tess and I had carpooled from BG, so we decided to check it out  It was the best thing we ever did and worked incredibly well.  Three thumbs up to the Flying Pig for this option!

After the expo, we headed to my girlfriend Emily’s house where we would be staying for the night.  Thank you to her and her family for letting us crash!!!  We headed out to carbo-load at Bob Evan’s before hittin’ the hay early…our alarms were set for 4:00AM!

Stay tuned for recap part #2 tomorrow!

What is your favorite part about race expos?

Do you have any pre-race or race day stories?  

What does your pre-race day meal look like?
Mine is all over the place and really just depends.  I ended up with a dinner salad w/ranch on the side, 2 rolls, scrambled egg whites, and 2 chocolate chip cookies.  Random at its best.


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