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The Past Week and I Missed You!


Long time no chat, friends!  How have you been?  Tell me a) what you did b) what you ate and c) any fun workouts you completed since last Monday in the comments, okay?!

This post will wrap my week up in photos, because to be honest, reading it probably wouldn’t be any fun.

The two reasons why I was not posting:




My graduate internship presentation was Friday morning and I took the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam in Akron on Saturday morning.  It was quite the busy and stressful week, because I wanted to make sure I was properly prepared for both.  The presentation went extremely well, but I will not know the score of my CHES exam for 8 weeks.  I’m not letting myself obsess over not knowing (well, trying to anyway), because that would be incredibly unproductive.  Either way, graduation is only a whopping 11 days away!

So now that you understand why I was hiding out the past week, let’s recap what else happened last week!

Easter Sunday:

I celebrated Easter Sunday at home with my family.  We hosted the family event and had a blast.  It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed a delicious meal, complete with my grandma’s famous symphony brownies (recipe to come!).



My sisters and I wanted to come up with something special for my parent’s “Easter basket” and I enjoyed brainstorming/pinteresting the past few weeks to find something. I saw a DIY outdoor bananagrams image on pinterest that linked back to a blogpost, but the creator of that particular game used 12×12 pieces of cardboard.  Cardboard would blow away in a heartbeat where my parents live, so I enlisted the help of my cousin (thank you!) to help me (ok, he did all of it) cut 8×8 pieces of wood.  144 pieces of wood squares and several hours of painting later, here’s a sample of the finished product:


The game was a HUGE hit with our family and we enjoyed the beautiful day playing outside.


We got incredibly lucky to have such a GORGEOUS April day on a holiday!

BGSU Division of Student Affairs Spring Recognition Event

Also last week, I was completed shocked and honored to be awarded the BGSU Division of Student Affairs Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award.  The announcer started reading the nomination and I instantly had tears in my eyes – I work with an exceptional group of student-focused people and I will miss them dearly.  It has been an amazing experience getting to continue working with BGSU and supporting the well-being of Falcons.  In addition, my student supervisor for fitness and a good friend was the recipient of the Outstanding Student Employee Award, which only made the entire experience that much more special.




Last Zumba Class 

In the spirit of all things coming to a close with the week, I taught my final Zumba class at the senior center.  These ladies are inspirational and proof that you can try something new to stay fit+healthy at any age!




And finally, I got to spend time with some of my favorite people after my CHES exam was over on Saturday.


I also worked out last week, but to be perfectly honest with you my diet was incredibly poor and I wish I would’ve worked out more.  I got my daily requirement each day, but I missed all of my usual workouts to use that time instead for studying and preparing for the presentation.  Today is a new day and it’s important that I don’t let how I lived last week impact how I run my life this week.

Speaking of last week, while I was not posting I had some ideas for future posts, so stay tuned for our return to regular posting as well as some special posts about topics like: marathon training, young professionalism, workplace wellness, AFAA personal fitness trainer certification, the importance of licensure and certification, coping with anxiety, and relationships.  It’s quite the random assortment, but I wanted to share it with you here for accountability and to give you a taste of some posts coming up.

Well, it’s time to jump into Monday!  It’s the last week of ‘classes’ for BGSU and I have a lot to do at work before I leave next week.  I can’t believe it’s already been two years!

So – see the questions above and comment below!  



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