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Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello, friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Tim and I took advantage of the warmer weather and took a walk while discussing our dinner plans on Saturday evening.  It took us over two miles to determine that we weren’t in the mood to go out, so we opted for a picnic instead!


YUM!  I had salad with greens, toms, red pepper, sharp cheddar cheese, and topped with roasted red pepper hummus.  Corn on the cob added a sweet crunch to my plate and a pop of sunshine color.  Tim had a similar meal, but with his salad in a pita.  We both agreed that this was an excellent way to spend our date night!

After dinner, we both were craving something sweet so we hit up Sundae Station for some fro-yo.  Cookie dough + hot fudge + vanilla fro yo = heaven in a cup. 

After satisfying our sweet tooth, we headed to BGSU Dance Marathon (Ziggython) to support our Alpha Phi Omega Brothers who were spendign their weekend standing for the kids.  They stood for 32 hours this weekend to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network hospital in Toledo and are such an inspiration.  They have a lot of activities going on at the event to keep the dancers busy and their minds off of their tired feet!  Something you could do was pay to have someone put ‘in jail’ for a certain length of time…and two of our Brothers thought it was hilarious to put Tim and I in there together. 


Well…never have I ever been in jail?  Oops.

We also got to hang out with our miracle, Rob.  He is currently in chemo and I would really appreciate any thoughts or prayers you could send him so he can beat this thing again!


 After hanging out at Dance Marathon for several hours, Tim and I headed home to get some sleep before tackling a Sunday full of plans.  I presented at a conference on Budgeting Fitness in College while Tim had band practice, then we headed back to Ziggython to welcome home the Bike for Tikes participants.  I was a hot mess of tears when they ran in and I was so excited to hug the crap out of everyone I knew who made it home.  I am so incredibly proud of everyone who was involved in the weekend events!


It was quite the busy weekend and I took BOTH days off from a hard workout, which normally doesn’t happen.  I really needed those two mental detox days and am ready to get back at it later today!

What did you do this weekend?


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