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Falcon Fitness Fusion – AKA The Last Time I’ll Ever Teach at BGSU SRC

It’s official, friends – I’m old.  I’ve worked at the BGSU Student Recreation Center for six years and today was my last time ever teaching in the facility.  Cue sentimental tears here.

In all seriousness, I am so excited for BGSU RecWell.  The SRC is closing down until August so they can complete the renovation of the facility and let me tell you, I am so happy for all of the students, faculty, and staff who will get to use the new facility in the fall!

Until then, we celebrated the last group fitness classes EVER in the old rec by hosting a Falcon Fitness Fusion class!  Here was the line up…


 It was an absolutely amazing time and I had so much fun getting to be with our participants and my coworkers to celebrate this occasion!  It was a sweaty good time and everyone had HUGE smiles, came with positive energy, and worked hard!  Even my sister came out for the event!


Here are some other photos we took after our workout-mania!

Falcon Fitness Team Pyramid
Falcon Fitness Team Pyramid
Jumping for joy!  We love our job!
Jumping for joy! We love our job!


Because what fitness event isn't complete without another attempt at a "cool fitness pose"
Because what fitness event isn’t complete without another attempt at a “cool fitness pose”

 In all seriousness, I am so blessed to work where I do with the people I do.  They are incredibly supportive, encouraging, motivating, and positive.  They encourage me to take on challenges and keep going when I’m tired or want to give up, they give helpful advice to reach my goals, and we love to try new things together.  I cannot say it loud enough: I LOVE MY JOB! 

Job satisfaction is SO IMPORTANT – I’ve been learning a lot about it in my public health management course this semester.  Here are a few resources you can check out to learn more:

What have you tried with your fitness friends?  Any fun challenges or poses I should know about?


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