Create A Standing Culture

Hello, hello friends!

Here’s a question for you: as you read this post, what are you doing? Are you sitting on your couch or laying in bed? Are you on a bike at the gym, possibly catching up on homework or news? Or are you standing?

I’ll be honest. I typed all of the above while sitting on my couch. Then I felt compelled to stand because of what I’m about to share with you today. Here it goes: it’s time to create a culture that stands.

We had to give a presentation in my graduate capstone class tonight that represents a public health issue.  It didn’t matter how large or how small it is, as long as it represented an “AHA” moment (my professor’s term, not mine!) for us in public health.  We had to relate it to our specialization (mine is health promotion and education) and give a 5 minute presentation on how we could address the issue.  I feel like it is a really important issue to address and I wanted to share it with you, my fabulous readers!

This was my photo:


This is one of the offices where I work!  I work in what is called “the workroom” and it is typically where graduate assistants and doctoral students do some of their work when they are not assigned to a room within our center.  AKA I work here whenever I am here (20 hours a week) because I don’t see clients, so I don’t need a room!

I asked my classmates to stand up while I addressed my photo.  My issue: WE SIT WAY TOO MUCH!  We sit at work, we sit at home, we sit in the car, we sit in class, we sit while we do homework and answer emails, we SIT sit SIT sit SIT!  No big deal, because you exercise in the morning and get your daily recommended dose (I hope!) of physical activity a day.  Ehh, maybe it’s a bigger deal than you think.  There are several new articles out there showing that prolonged sitting can be detrimental to our health.  All of the statistics are a little different based on the studies, so I won’t share them, but basically the longer we sit, the shorter our lifespan.  More sitting = increased risk of death, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic diseases.  EEK.

What can we do about it?  This is what I’m asking YOU!  I want to know what you do, or your workplace does, to improve employee health and possibly productivity by moving and standing more throughout the day.  I’ve talked to our “Wellness Champions” on campus about their ideas and they all have terrific ones I hope they implement in the future, like create mini-physical activity stations in their departments and taking more walk breaks.  I personally stand as much as possible and created my own little standing desk and sit on a stability ball.

Here are some great articles I enjoy about standing and moving more throughout your day:

Deskercise: 33 Ways to Exercise At Work
About Sitting and Standing
Benefits of Standing Desks – scroll down a little bit for this one 🙂  It’s not a research article, but they address a few of the benefits!

So, I genuinely want to know…what do you or could you do to move and/or stand more throughout the day?

PS – You still need to exercise 🙂  




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