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Chocolate Banana Fro-Yo

Happy Pre-Friday,friends!

Today was spent at work and at my internship.  I taught the ‘cycle’ portion of our cycle bootcamp class and my legs were feelin’ it!  My co-instructor planned an awesome circuit workout for our participants and I’m hoping to remember it to do on my own in the future.  She incorporated the Bosu (burpees + mountain climbers), the TRX (holy arm work!), and a few other fun fitnessy moves to create a total body workout.

After work and tackling a few other errands, I headed out for a planned 7-mile run.

Well…7 miles became 4 miles thanks to some fun runner’s tummy trouble.  I don’t let that get me down anymore – it happens, I accept it happens sometimes, and move on with life.

In fact, I moved onto the grocery store.  If you live near a Meijer, check your local ads!  Strawberries at our local store are 5 for $5 (and you better believe I bought five!).  I also grabbed a few items to get through the weekend – oatmeal, sweet potatoes, ‘naners, and dark chocolate chips – and a birthday card for my wonderful grandma!  It’s her birthday TODAY, so I dropped the card off before heading home for a conference call.

Whew.  Busy day.  I was craving chocolate fro-yo since my favorite local (and seasonal) ice cream shop opened today.  I decided to whip up a healthier option instead of heading out into the cold.


I thought about a recipe Tim and I used a few weeks ago that we adapted for key-lime banana fro-yo and figured I could make a chocolate one with ingredients I already had.  AKA I wanted few ingredients and super little prep time.


1 frozen banana
A few splashes almond milk
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

Throw everything in a food processor (or blender) and blend until it reaches the consistency of fro-yo.  It usually takes me a minute or two to get there, scraping down the sides every so often.

Serve with your favorite toppings.



What’s a healthier alternative you’ve found for a favorite sweet treat?

Favorite fro-yo topping?

Have a wonderful night!



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