Not-So Zumba Songs, but FUN!

Hello hello!

Today started off by teaching a Zumba class…YAY!  My Zumba participants are always so smiley and I love getting to spend Wednesday morning with them.  They’re a great group of women who just love having fun, which was great because they had some new songs to try this morning!  

I’ve been working on learning some new choreography to change up my Zumba classes and I’m having a fun time searching for new songs I think my participants will enjoy.  I teach a variety of participants, including college students, middle age, and older adult Zumba classes.  Naturally, they all like different styles of Zumba music and moves, so I have to tailor each playlist to each class.  It’s a fun challenge and I love it!  

I must ask this question of my fellow Zumba-lovers out there…what is YOUR favorite Zumba song?  I’d love to know and share ideas!

Some of my favorite newest tunes include:

I am well aware that Happy is in no way a Latin-style song, I just love it soooo much and found a remix that was perfect for a pre-cooldown song!  

After teaching, I quickly wiped down and changed for a trip to the cardiologist.  I’ve been experiencing some funky things and wanted to get things checked out because 1) Heart disease runs in my family and 2) I workout at a fairly high intensity most days per week.  Everything checked out okeydokey and I’m happy to say he told me to keep doing what I’m doing, but to keep an eye out for a few signs and get in touch with him again if I notice those funky things start happening when I’m exercising!  Just a friendly reminder to everyone – prioritize your health!  In my opinion, it was better to go in and leave with a clean bill of health than for me to have had a cardiac emergency while exercising!

I guess it’s time to head back from lunch (soup + pretzels) and start workin’ again!  

Don’t forget to tell me what your favorite Zumba song is!  🙂 



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