Weekly Workout Wrap Up (+ Shauna Harrison)

Hello hello, friends! 

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday!  It’s time for another weekly work-out wrap up here at A Healthy Balance.  I post my weekly workout wrap ups as a way for me to remember what I was able to accomplish in fitness, keep track of my training, and hold me accountable for my workout plans!  My marathon training schedule runs Tuesday through Monday, so that’s the same pattern I follow with the wrap-ups (for now!). 

Last week in fitness:

  • Tuesday: Taught 1 hr Zumba Gold, 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: Taught 1 hr Zumba and 1 hr Piloxing, 30 min Zumba class, and lifted!
  • Thursday: Taught 1 hr Piloxing and 45 min cycle bootcamp
  • Friday: Taught 1 hr Zumba Gold, 45 min Cardio Pump Challenge
  • Saturday: Taught 1 hr Piloxing, 3 mile run
  • Sunday: 12 mile run
  • Monday: CHAARG Yoga + FitPlan tonight!

Whew…I’m a little sore today, but am looking forward to hitting the fitplan and stretching everything out with some amazing yoga via Shauna Harrison tonight!  If you haven’t heard or seen Shauna Harrison, she is an amazing Under Armour sponsored trainer and yogi.

Photo Cred: http://www.chaarg.com/meet-under-armour-trainer-shauna-harrison/#

She is helping those of us participating in the CHAARG Spring Break Fit Plan stretch out each week with some wonderful Muscle and Flow Yoga.  You can read more about Shauna HERE – and I totally encourage you to follow her on Instagram (@shauna_harrison).  She is a public healthy, fitnessy yogi and is an amazing inspiration + leader in the health and fitness world.  She has her PhD in public health and her focus is chronic disease prevention and health promotion.  AKA I have a major fangirl crush because she’s just too fabulous and is doing everything I aspire to do by sharing her healthy living passion with others – what a great role model! 

Who is/are your favorite leaders in the health and fitness world?

Do you do yoga? Why or why not?
 I did in high school and know it’s important for my body – I’m loving Shauna’s videos and plan to keep up with them after the fitplan!


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