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Sugar Rush

How is everyone doing this wonderful weekend morning?

My weekend has been more than full of sugar + all things not so great for my body.  If Valentine’s Day candy wasn’t enough, I spent most of Friday night baking Valentine’s gifts.  In other words, I spent Friday night eating sugar cookie batter, icing, and sampling the Red Wine Chocolate Truffles (via one of my new favorite bloggers over at Taylor Made It Paleo). 

I hopped back on track last night with some veggie soup at Panera, but am still flushing the sugar outta my system.  Lots of water, fruits, and veggies today and doing my best to get rid of all of the sweets in my house.  If I don’t have them around, I won’t eat them.  If they are, it’s like blood to a shark – it’s all I can think about!

I just wanted to share this little image I found on Pinterest to remind all of us (myself included) that today is a new day – and let’s choose to make this week a healthy, happy one!



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