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Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Hey there, folks!

Happy Monday evening!  It’s a little late for this chica, but I wanted to pop in with a quick ‘hello’ and update from the day!

In today’s lunchbox:

-Sweet Potato Banana Bites (for snacking!)
-Sweet potato + ketchup (notice a theme?
-Key lime pie Greek yogurt (yum!)

I’ve been on a Key Lime Pie Greek yogurt kick and I’m not mad about it one bit.  My sisters and I are obsessed with my grandma’s homemade Key Lime Pie, and while this isn’t exactly the same, it’s a pretty darn tasty (and healthy!) alternative.

After eating my delicious lunch and being at my internship, I headed home before an evening full of more actual work related meetings and an APO-job related meeting.  I did a yoga video from Shauna Harrison as part of the CHAARG Spring Break Fit Plan and while I’m no Yogi, I LOVED the session she created.  It was about 25 minutes, the perfect length for the time I had and for my attention span.  One of my New Years Resolutions was to do more yoga (for flexibility and mindfulness), so I’m excited to finally have a video I enjoy doing!

Yoga wrapped up the week in workouts; here’s what all of last week’s fitness looked like:

Tuesday: Taught 1 hr Zumba Gold and 1 hr Zumba, 1 mile run

Wednesday: Taught 1 hr  Piloxing, 3 mile run, , Beach Bod Burn (the first half!), 100 burpees (!)

Thursday: Taught 45 min Cycle Bootcamp, 5 mile run (treadmill workout style!) + CHAARG Bonus Burn

Friday: Taught 1 hr Zumba Gold, Guns in the Sun workout, 2 mile run (5 min warm up, 30 sec 7.5, 90 sec 6.0 for 15 minutes), 1 hr Turbokick

Saturday: Taught 1 hr Piloxing

Sunday: 7 mile run

Monday: Taught 45 min Zumba, 25 min Yoga

Some of my classes were canceled due to snow (boo!), but it was still a great week!

What was your weekly workout wrap up?  Did you try anything new or meet any goals?
I was happy to hit all of my mileage for the week!


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