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Weekend Wrap-Up and a Wedding Venue Visit

Happy Sunday, everyone!  What did you do this weekend?

Tim and I met up in Sandusky, Ohio to check out a wedding venue!  My mom actually came across this location without trying to find something and immediately showed me – what do you think??


It’s called…


We are looking for a venue that allows us to have an outdoor ceremony and reception on the same site – this place allows us to do both and it seems wonderful.  In the spring, summer, and fall this entire place is lush, green, and full of gardens.





The Culinary Vegetable Institute is know for it’s amazing food – world renowned chefs come to CVI for a variety of events…check out their website to learn more!  I was incredibly impressed that in addition to a tour, we were offered a small taste-testing to sample the quality of the food we would be receiving if we chose to have our reception on site.  We had four bite-sized courses of the most delicious food I have ever tasted…seriously.  It was the first tasting style anything Tim and I experienced and I will definitely be seeking out more restaurants and events that showcase small bites of their specialty cuisines.

We sampled a variety of bites that feature the best of the produce and meats that a local farmer provides for the facility and for some of the top restaurants.  20140209-214104.jpg


This was the best salmon I have ever tasted – and my mom makes some pretty good fish!

After we left CVI we had a lot of talking to do about all of the venues we’ve seen and we are aiming to finalize our decision this week!   We spent the rest of the day talking, thinking, planning, and just enjoying some QT together. We’re ready to move forward and are excited to plan the day that starts a new chapter of our lives together!

Sunday started off with 7 miles that seemed incredibly tough…what is it about treadmill miles that seem so much harder than outdoor miles?  At least it went by faster than last week’s 10!


I wasn’t feeling great after our run (I think I didn’t fuel properly cuz I was HANGRY and dizzy when I got home!), so Tim and I just hung our before tackling the Sunday plans!  We finished up the night with some Campus Pollyeyes on the living room floor while watching HIMYM.


Now I’m off to finish up some meal prep for the week and get ready for Monday!  Have a wonderful evening!

What did you do this weekend?

Do you liked stuffed breadsticks?  What’s your favorite filling?  (I like just cheese!)

The best thing you ever ate…


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