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Fitness Friday #4

Just some cuteness to start off the post…



What would you post as Friday cuteness?

Okay….back to regularly scheduled programming – FITNESS FRIDAY!  Friday started off with annual HIPAA training at work (jeopardy style!) and teaching a Zumba Gold class before heading to my internship.  We were hosting our first-ever Healthy Heart Prediction Walk and it was a fun time!  We had several employees participate in this event and I got to try some yummy quinoa tabbouleh that one of our partners brought for a taste test.  Our winner was only ONE SECOND off of her predicted mile-finish time – amazing!  After cleaning up from the event and getting in my own workout of the day, my fellow fitchick Steph and I decided to get fro-yo before she co-taught a Turbothon For The Kids event at BGSU.


Why does fro-yo make everything seem right with the world?  I don’t know, but you don’t question magical powers.

After fro-yo, I met up with some wonderful ladies to participate in the Turbothon.  I LOVE TurboKick and taking classes with Steph is always a blast!  After a week of challenging workouts, the Turbothon was a great way to shake everything out and start the weekend off on the right foot!


FitChicks Forever!  Turbokick left us sweaty and smiling!

If you’re looking for a great workout that will leave YOU feelin’ good and will make you sweat, here is a bootcamp style workout we did in our cycle bootcamp class yesterday.


Have a wonderful weekend!



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