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Marathon Training: Week Six Plan

Good morning 🙂  I hope you are all starting Tuesday well-rested and ready to go!

Today started off a little earlier than planned – I guess sleeping until my alarm went off just wasn’t what my body was feeling.  I ended up getting out of bed a little after six and was able to accomplish a few wedding-related things before typing this post up and hitting the road for work!  After work, I will be getting my workouts in with teaching two Zumba classes and doing day two of the #CHAARGSBFP!  I took a peek at the workout before typing this up and I must say, it’s going to be a sweaty challenge!

Today also includes the first fun of marathon training: week six!  I found this cute little squirrel graphic on Facebook yesterday courtesy of Runner’s World magazine’s page – fitting since Ohio is supposed to get blasted with another winter storm tonight + tomorrow!

Photo Cred: Runner’s World Magazine

This week’s running plan looks like this:


Add in teaching and the CHAARGSBFP workouts and it’s going to be an awesome week of fitness!

Speaking of awesome fitness….who wants to try doing this with me?!  Please?!  🙂


I better wrap this post up so I can head to work!  Have a great day, everyone!


What’s on your fitness agenda this week?

Will you try the plank pyramid with me?!


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