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Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend started off with the last day of the #RUNCHAARG January challenge – I ended up logging over 75 miles in January as part of my Flying Pig Training and am still amazed I met my goal!  Nothing like a little extra motivation and social support to get the job done 🙂

In honor of the last day of the running challenge, I scoped out Pinterest for a good quote to symbolize the occasion.  I found this one as a reminder of how running is symbolic of life…it may be my new favorite running quote:



Gosh I love good quotes!  Moving onto the rest of the weekend…

Tim came into town on Friday night and we spent Friday + Saturday hanging out with my roommate.  I took a mini-break from our hang-out sesh to teach my Piloxing class.  My participants were incredibly energetic during class, really getting into every block and putting a little extra oomph behind each punch!  Sleek, sexy, powerful baby!

We hit up the mall Saturday afternoon to look for more items to add to our professional wardrobe.  I must say that both of us (roomie + me) find it challenging to find professional, yet young and fun clothes for work.  Does anyone have any store recommendations?  We’ve been successful before at H&M, Old Navy, and NYC…are we missing out on any hidden gems?

After our semi-successful shopping excursion we headed to Texas Roadhouse to eat our weight in rolls…those count as good pre-long run fuel, right?  I followed up my appetizer of rolls with my Texas Roadhouse usual: salad with BBQ ranch (ask for lite ranch on the side and a side of barbeque sauce…you can mix both together for a delish dressing!) and a sweet potato.  I don’t know what Roadhouse does to make their sweet potatoes extra tasty, even without the toppings they offer, but it’s working for them!

I met up with my sister to tackle 10 miles on the treadmill this morning.  I survived by talking to her for the first four miles and reading lots of blogposts from The Lean Green Bean, Hungry Runner Girl, and PBFingers for the last six.  (Thank you ladies for writing such wonderful blogs!)

My run looked like this:

1 mile warm up @ 6mph
3 miles @ 6.3-6.5mph
6 miles @ 7mph (my half marathon goal pace this year…8:34/mi!)

It didn’t tire me out as much as I had thought it would.  I got bored for the middle miles before randomly getting excited to attempt a race pace.  I finished off my run with 5o burpees to kick off the 1,000 Burpees in February challenge.  Are you in?!


I went home VERY hungry and whipped up some bean burgers + veggies for our lunch!  Bean burgers are quickly becoming a staple recipe for me because they are quick and easy to prepare, healthy, and are incredibly versatile.  I’m still working on the recipe, so stay tuned 🙂


An afternoon snack of fruit+strawberry Greek yogurt paired with a side of coffee was a great pick-me-up for the afternoon!


Just a pair of goofs

Unfortunately this guy had to head home right after dinner, but I’m very thankful we were able to spend the afternoon just hanging out together!

Okay, now just a quick note on using a machine for workouts.  Make sure you know your machine and how the calorimeter works!  The treadmill I was on asked for my weight + age, and really overshot how many calories I burned.  My body is pretty efficient at using energy while running, but this is a pretty significant difference in my opinion!  Use the calories burned log on your machine as a guide; for a closer approximation, get yourself a heart rate monitor!  I use a Nike+ Sportwatch with the Polar+ strap and LOVE it!


Tonight was lots of food prep, homework, and HIMYM!  I don’t have cable, so I followed the Superbowl via Twitter and other social media.  I’m excited to catch the commercials on YouTube tomorrow, but now it’s time to prep for the week and hit the hay!

What did you do this weekend?

What was your favorite commercial?

Superbowl or Puppy Bowl?


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