Marathon Training Week Five

Today started off with a ‘classes canceled’ email from Bowling Green State University.  YAY for the students who no longer had to venture out in the cold for class!  Myself, and many others, still trekked to campus for various jobs.  The cold was the worst part, but the sun was shining extra-bright to make up for it 🙂

I taught a Zumba Gold class before heading back to campus for my internship, where I made the decision to get in my three miles after teaching.  I ended up needing to run home in between internship + teaching to pick up the fitness clothes I had left at my parent’s over the weekend – OOPS!  It ended up being a blessing – I was able to spend some time at home with my parents and poochies AND a new Zumba Instructor top I had ordered a few weeks ago finally arrived!

20140128-224837.jpgLOVE IT!

I had over sixty participants in tonight’s Zumba class – despite the cold!  Falcon Fitness participants are AWESOME! 🙂  Class was super high-energy and it shows:

20140128-225009.jpgOver 800 calories burned in ONE class!  Dang.

After Zumba I grabbed my phone for some tunes while getting in an easy three miles – I swear the only music on my phone is fitness class related music, so I just put on a Zumba playlist and got my feet movin’!


Thank goodness my friend Ben was up for some fro-yo after all of that sweating!  🙂  I was bumming that a chapter visit for APhiO needed to be postponed due to the ice, so it was nice to have a friend to hang out with for a little bit 🙂

Here are this week’s Flying Pig Marathon training miles…I can’t believe it’s already week FIVE!


What is your favorite way to crosstrain? 

Who can you always count on for a fro-yo run?
Thank goodness for my friends…they’re all usually up for this! 🙂


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