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Fitness Friday #2

It’s finally Friday!!!  Yippeee!!!!

Today is an exciting day, y’all — I finally submitted my application for graduation!  The past two years have both flown by – but I don’t regret a second and I’m so incredibly thankful for this opportunity to continue my education.  Nonetheless, I’m excited for May 9th to finally be here!  Only 105 days (not that I’m counting or anything!).

Today started off with an early morning at work doing final preparations for an event this afternoon.  I ducked out on a quick break to teach my Zumba Gold class before heading back to promote our programming at the event all afternoon.

In My Lunch: salad w/yellow bell pepper + light Catalina, a Gala apple the size of my face, and Yoplait Light Peach Yogurt…YUM!


Okay, Fitness Friday today is a treadmill workout I promise will have your legs burning!  I live in a very, very flat part of the country, so adding some incline to my training is super important to stay strong and prepare for the shock of the hills ahead in the Flying Pig!  I follow several bloggers + companies that share some rockin’ treadmill workouts (check out CHAARG + PBFingers!), but wanted to create one that keeps you running the whole time.


This workout took 50 minutes to complete and I ended up getting in just over 5 miles.  My treadmill actually went into cool-down mode halfway through so I lost track that way, but thank goodness for the Nike+ app I had going as well!  This workout is also a calorie scorcher!


Finish it up with some static stretching to release those hard-working muscles!


What are you doing to get your fitness on today?

Do you have any go-to places to get workout inspiration?  Blogs, magazines, or websites?  I’d love to hear what your faves are! 🙂


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