Cleveland Cake Eating Day

This past weekend I ate so much cake it was unreal…and I don’t regret one bite.  I headed to Cleveland to spend the long weekend with Tim.  The Cleveland Bridal Show was taking place and since we’re open to having the wedding in NEOhio, we figured we should probably check it out before making our final decision on venue.  One perk of bridal shows = taste testing all the cakes!

I woke up on Saturday, ran and taught a Piloxing class, then quickly showered and packed for the trip.  I met up with Tim at the bridal show where we (okay, I) quickly became overwhelmed by all of the vendors.  We stopped off to the side and reviewed all of the things we needed to look at and which booths we could pass over.  We knew we could pass over the DJ, photographer, and videographer (thanks to three fabulously talented friends) and really needed to focus on venues, honeymoon info/travel agencies, tuxedos, and caterers.


After the show, we dropped off my bag at Tim’s before taking all of our info/brochures from the bridal show to Panera for dinner to go over everything we saw that day.  We were able to knock a few choices off our list and looked up several places we found interesting online to see any photos or other couples’ reviews.  I’m still really having a hard time choosing and I know that we’re getting closer to our goal-date of having a venue.  In comparison to the struggles of the world, this one is pretty tiny, but right now it feels huge!

The rest of our weekend was spent figuring out some other wedding details – creating the second draft of our guest list, reviewing our bridal party details (those should be finalized next weekend!), figuring out our registry, checking out a few venues locally, etc.   It was basically wedding planning mania, but we’re excited!


Taking a hike through the local park where Cleveland venue option #1 is^^


We made a delicious stir-fry supper and I totally forgot to take a picture…don’t worry…we will be making this again and I promise I will remember to share the recipe + take a photo!


No trip to Tim’s is complete without a visit to Lemonberry.

20140120-201447.jpgChecking out Cleveland venue option #I don’t know what.  The lake looks AWESOME (and ominous) right now with all of the ice!

So…any advice?

What should we register for/what should we NOT register for?  

Where should we have our wedding?!  Preferably outdoors or bright inside with lots of windows!

Best vegetables in a stir fry?


2 thoughts on “Cleveland Cake Eating Day

  1. Taylor, Love reading your adventures, I feel off the wagon there for a while but now I just have a few to catch up on ;). To answer your questions, I always love the crunch of water chestnuts in stir fry and fresh pineapple. As far as some registry tips beyond the typical list of things you need for living I liked this post from one of my favorite blogs because it gave some good insight into what they’ve loved and what they wish they had chosen differently.

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