Oatmeal Obsession

I think I have a problem…I have had oatmeal three times today and I do not regret one bite.  I also may desperately need to go to the grocery store…haha 🙂

It’s just SOOOOOOOOO good!  Funnily enough, I HATED oatmeal for a time when I was little.  I think the texture just weirded me out.  I honestly don’t remember when I got back into it but am so glad I did.  It’s so versatile and I always panic when I realize I’m almost out!

Some of my favorite things to make with oatmeal include: overnight oats, strawberry oat muffins, baked chocolate-chip oatmeal, pumpkin energy bites, and the standby: made with almond milk and a spoonful of almond butter.  MMM!!

I’m lucky I’m obsessed with something that is both delicious and nutritious!  I’m sure many of you have seen the Bob Harper Quaker commercials, but in case you haven’t (or need a reminder), here’s a list of some of the amazing things oatmeal can do!

  • It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is responsible for most of this list!
  • It helps you you stay full longer (yay no snacking!)
  • Lower the amount of LDL (aka not-so-good) cholesterol in your blood
  • Has a low glycemic index – it won’t spike your blood sugar
  • High fiber diets have been associated with reduced colon cancer risk (YAY!)
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals: thiamin, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron


Okay…ode to oatmeal = done.  Thank you for listening.

In between all of that oatmeal eating I worked + went to my internship, taught my early morning Piloxing class, and taught our new Cycle Bootcamp class with my girl Steph!  (PS – this girl is AWESOME.  If you ever need a Beachbody coach, she’s your girl!)  I’ll be posting the bootcamp portion of our class on here tomorrow, so stay tuned for a heart-pumping circuit!

What is your favorite kitchen staple?

Do you like oatmeal?  What your favorite topping?  


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