The Last First Day of School

Tomorrow I will start the last first day (fingers crossed!!) of graduate school! Like most graduate students, it’s going to be a whirlwind of busyness, but it’ll all be worth it!

Anyway…today! Today I had the final run of marathon training week 2. I had a seven mile run on the schedule, so that just what I did.

I didn’t realize that there was black ice on some of the roads, so I had some very graceful klutz moments before realizing that I either needed to turn around or slow wayyy down to avoid falling (and injuring myself). I opted to slow down since there were spots on most roads that were clear, I just needed to be more alert…not always easy right after getting outta bed! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

After my cold run, all I wanted was to stay in and warm up with a hot shower and mug of coffee, so that’s just what I did while planning for the week and hanging out with Tim. I like to spend some time on Sunday planning out the week: scheduling, any appointments, meal prep, plan out my workouts, and any other items that I should be aware of before the week begins.

This week I start back to work and class, start a new internship with BGSU’s WellAware program, and start teaching new fitness classes. I needed to do a lot of meal prep and planning since many of my meals will need to be packed.


In my lunchbox tomorrow morning: bean burger in a lettuce wrap, cauliflower and carrots, key lime pie Greek yogurt, a banana, and roasted chickpeas. YUM!

What is your favorite packable food?

Do you pack or buy your meals?
(I used to do a mix, but I made it my goal to only pack this semester!)


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