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Snowpacolypse Day 1

Welcome to Snowpacolypse Ion, Day 1.  An estimated 6-10 inches is supposed to fall today and our temps are supposed to start dropping into the negatives for the next two days.  Add some 40-50 mph winds until Wednesday and you’ve got yourself a lovely snowpacolypse!

Luckily, the snowfall was actually pretty nice for most of the day today.  It was warm (32 degrees) and the wind wasn’t bad until later this afternoon, aka it decided to pick up when I decided to go for a shakeout run.

Before the run inspiration, I dug out the snowgear and headed outside to get in some good ol’ fashioned playtime.  The snow was perfect packing snow and we have plenty of it!

Meet Sunshine the Snowman… (and his frosty friend in the yard!)


I couldn’t help but be inspired to take in the beauty of the snowfall on a quick run, so I headed out for an interesting + snowy 2 miles.


The last mile of my run I did around my parent’s property because I was nervous to be on the road – my parent’s longer drive was not paved and 18 inches deep in some drifts.  It made for quite the mentally stimulating run.  As always, you never regret a workout!

Here are some shots I took this evening as the snowstorm started to pick up:


I shoveled the dog door out of the snow and played with the pups for a while – Dazy headed in after a few minutes but Zoe lives for the snow.  She turns right back into a playful puppy – so cute 🙂  (Side note and safety plug of the day – pets get cold, too!  Keep them safe and warm!  Sweaters + minimal exposure to the elements tomorrow for these two ladies!




It’s like we’re in the movie Frozen out there!

8 inches and counting! Stay warm and safe, friends!



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