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Snow up to my knees

If you weren’t aware, the Midwest part of the country got hit with a fairly large snowstorm over the past few days. The snow and cold weren’t fabulous on their own, but where we live (rural Ohio) the wind has been blowing snow everywhere. When I took my dogs out for their walk some of the snowdrifts were taller than my knees! They weren’t crazy about the weather and pulled me home after just a few minutes – that RARELY happens! Haha oh Ohio!


It was so bad outside I decided that slipping and falling wasn’t a good morning plan, so I switched my workout days around and started a new workout DVD…

YAY!!!!! I loveee Beachbody and have tried several of their programs. I’ve completed p90x and p90x2, and done videos from Insanity and T25, so I had high expectations for Tony Horton! Needless to say, he crushed them! I can already tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

Boom! Workout done!

The rest of the day was spent staying warm inside, hanging out with the fam, and getting some personal work done.

After dinner, my youngest sister decided she was going to brave the cold and head to the gym. She let me join her and I ended up getting my run in after all. I did a treadmill workout from CHAARG that took me to four miles, then ran another mile while my sister finished her workout. Families that sweat together are happy together!



It was great to work up a good sweat! Now it’s time for a quick shower before bed!

How did you get your workout in today?


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