Welcome 2014!

Here are my wishes for everyone in 2014!

FITNESS!  Push yourself a little bit harder – lift a little heavier, run a little farther, and move a little more!  Recognize your limits and treat your body right – stretch it out and rest when you need it.   

FOOD!  Choose whole foods, eat slower, and drink more water.  Make it DELICIOUS and savor every bite.

HEALTH!  Make time for yourself and to take care of yourself.  Don’t ignore the symptoms or put off a doctor’s visit.  If someone else came to you with symptoms or told you they put off a visit, what would you say?  YOU are worth it. 

LIVE!  Do what makes you happy and live in the moment.  Make time count (at work and at play!) and always do your best. Learn from your mistakes and give thanks for each new day.  Choose gratitude and positivity

LOVE! Say “I love you” and appreciate everything.  Remember that time with loved ones is time well spent.

happy new year  



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