fitness · Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

workout wrapup

Since I haven’t been teaching many classes, my workout log looks a little empty…I’m reminding myself that it’s OKAY to do this and take it easier until group fitness classes + marathon training kick back up next week!

This week doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation – except I took my first day off since November 18th on Thursday!  It was much needed, but I definitely felt the itch to workout hard.  I did some stretching and foam rolling to get the jiggles out 🙂

Speaking of…MARATHON TRAINING STARTS SOON!  AHHH!!!  Is anyone else planning to start (or has started?!) training for a spring event?  Where, when, and how far?!  Let’s be buddies!  🙂

Today’s fitness is still TBD – right now I’m thinking some p90X2 and abs will happen tonight!  I think my legs need a running break 🙂

Happy Monday!  Have you started setting your goals for 2014?


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