fitness · Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up



Last week was thrown off because several teaching sessions were ending and schedules shifted around…ack!  I was able to attend my Monday night mania workouts and took Friday as an easy day just teaching an hour of Zumba Gold.  Active recovery = just what the body needed!  Sunday (yesterday) I took the morning off and toyed around with an easy run, but knew I’d be running a lot during the week because of the holiday + no group fitness classes (except Zumba Gold!).  I ended up revisited P90X2 and fell back in loveee with the program.  Maybe this will be my running recovery after my second marathon (I did it after my first, too!).  Hmm…ideas 🙂 🙂

What was your favorite workout of the week?
I loveddd all of them!  Haha – I think this week I really enjoyed my Saturday 5 miler with dad in the rain 🙂

What is your favorite at-home workout?  


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