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Workout Wednesday: Cold Weather Running Tips

Hello, friends!  I hope you are staying warm and toasty if it’s blustery out today.  Where I’m at it’s currently snowing and the ‘feels like’ is in the single digits, so I bundled up for my walk to work!

I can’t put my arms down!

With temps like that, many of us have said it’s time to move our workouts indoors.  I’m  not much of  a track or treadmill runner (unless I have a workout plan to get me through the boredom), so over the past several winters I’ve come across many tips and tricks that help you get over the cold so you can still get in a great run!

winterrunning tips

1.  Dress in layers!  I actually wrote a post about this last winter.

2.  Try to get your body warm before taking it outdoors.  I usually do some jumping jacks, butt kicks, and high knees to get my heart rate up before walking out the door.

3.  This is something I wasn’t doing until a few weeks ago, but it makes all the difference!  Buy one or two pairs of really good, warm running socks.  Make sure they fit in your shoes properly and don’t give you blisters.

4.  Social support = the best trick of them all!  You’ve got a buddy to talk to and take your mind off the cold (and misery loves company, right? Nahh…we’re positive here on the blog!).

5.  Okay, so work and the rest of life have to happen, but when possible, schedule your run in the middle of the day when the temp is highest.  Sneak in a quick lunchtime run or plan your long runs at this time on the weekends.

6.  Good gracious you know I couldn’t let a running tips post go by without a safety plug!  Always always ALWAYS carry some form of ID and tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.  In the winter, running in the dark is a possibility with the shorter daylight hours so run in a well-lit area and wear reflective gear (no one cares how silly you might look).  If it’s icy, head indoors!  The last think you need is to slip on the ice and get injured!

Another trick: signing up for an outdoor race is another great way to stay motivated to keep up your running and running outdoors.  My sister and I are running the Santa Hustle Half Marathon on Sunday and seeing that on my fitness schedule keeps me going 🙂

Finally: HYDRATE!  I don’t sweat a lot when I run outdoors in the winter, but it’s important to rehydrate and replace all of the fluid you lost (even if you don’t realize it!).

What do you do when the temperature drops?  Do you take your fitness indoors or beast mode through the chill?

If you beast mode through the chill the entire winter, you are my idol.


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