Weekly Workout Wrap Up


Time for another weekly workout wrap up on the blog!  I post my weekly workouts to help me stay committed to fitness and to help me keep track of my training.  

Monday: 5 mi speed workout (1 mi fast, 1 mi recover, 1 mi faster, 1 mi recover, 4 x 200m sprint with 200 m recovery in between) and I went to the TRX Cycle Circuit class offered at one of the gyms I teach at
Tuesday: I taught two Zumba classes: at the university and at the senior center
Wednesday: I taught a Zumba class and got in a quick mile run before getting back to prepping for two big presentations!
Thursday: I taught two Piloxing classes (sleek sexy, powerful!)
Friday: I taught Zumba at the senior center and we had a Falcon Fitness team workout and meeting.  Every instructor taught 5-10 minutes of one of their classes for an hour and a half of sweaty fun!
Saturday: I taught a Zumba class and Tim and I took a long walk at a local park
Sunday: Core and Stretch – prep for a longer run today!

Did you get your fitness in last week?  What’s on the schedule this week?

Coming up next weekend I have a half marathon…eeeeek!!  Just wait until you see my outfit 🙂


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