Fashion – Say What?!

Today was the second time all year I’ve had to scrape snow and ice off of my car!!!  I’m actually very excited about this because in my mind there is no point to cold unless there is snow.  The snow just made me want to dress cozy for my work meeting this morning and I came up with this outfit incorporating my big knit infinity scarf!

Y’all know I’m not the fashion queen, so when I put together an outfit that looks semi-okay I get really excited.  This is why I was so lucky to room with a fashion major my first two years of college – she helped me figure out what kind of goes together.  My best fashion advice: find someone who you trust, let them help you put a few things together, and when it doubt ask them.  Also, know what works for your body type.  I’ve realized over the years that some pieces I LOVE on the hanger and that I think look good on me really don’t and I should just steer clear.

Finally, clothes don’t matter, but how you present yourself does.  Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in and that you know make you look BOMB.  Stand tall and be confident…be a presence!  And remember you’re never fully dressed without a smile. 🙂

Other fashion tips:

Huffington Post – 50 Best Fashion Tips
50 Tips from InStyle
Marie Claire Article

End fashion rant.  Time to change into fitness clothes to teach 🙂

Happy Friday!

What article of clothing is your ‘must-have’ item?



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