Sweaty and Frozen

Good morning, good morning!

I am happy to say that my unplanned workout streak is still alive and kickin!  I had no idea how much seeing something taking place every day would inspire me to get a workout in the next day, even if it’s something small on a typical ‘off’ day.

Speaking of inspiration, if you didn’t already know, I’m participating in my university’s Maintain, Don’t Gain holiday weight management program.  I tend to take advantage of the bread and sweets that accompany many holiday parties and meals, so my goal is to not go overboard and I’m using this program as inspiration to keep me in check!  I also am using my new workout streak as inspiration to keep up my winter workouts – the cold just makes me want to hibernate!

How is your holiday health?  Have you been eating your 5-9 a day and getting your fitness on?  If you need some helpful ideas, here are a few tricks for sneaking in a workout throughout the season:

  • Condense and Intense – shorten your workout, but up the intensity to get the heart pumping!
  • Make It Social – family or friends in town?  Head to a local group fitness class with someone else, take a long walk (and talk!), or check out YouTube for some great at-home workout videos you can do together!
  • Plan Ahead – like  many of us have to do with our normal workouts, take a look at the week ahead.  What time do you have available for healthy eating prep and getting in your workout?  Is there a gym in your hotel or near where you’re staying?  Remember that you can split your workout up into short bursts throughout the day that add up!
  • Balance! – a healthy lifestyle is all about balance!  Remember to keep your portions in check, move as much as you can throughout the day, and be real with yourself.  Don’t let one piece of holiday pie turn into a whole day of not-so-great food choices and don’t let a few days off from fitness turn into a week with  none!  BUT don’t feel bad about it – it’s your life and you get to choose your priorities, attitudes, and behaviors 🙂  ENJOY those meals and the time with loved ones during this special season, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and your health!

Speaking of time with loved ones, if you haven’t seen the latest Disney movie yet, I highly recommend grabbing whoever is closest to you and heading to the nearest theater right now!  Yesterday evening I taught my Zumba class, then high-tailed it outta the gym to meet up with some friends to see the cutest new movie…

As many of you  know, I have an obsession with all things Disney.  Disney will always be my go-to vacation spot when I’m given the option and many Disney movie nights were held at my college apartment (okay, okay, they still happen..).  I am determined to one day run the WDW Marathon in costume…yep, I’m THAT girl.

Quick movie review:

  • Incredibly adorable storyline – with an unpredicted twist at the end!
  • Funny – Olaf the snowman is the most adorable thing on the planet right  now
  • AMAZING music – reminded me of a Wicked + Lion  King fusion!
  • Perfect length – I can’t sit through movies that are long (the health nut in me just likes to move!) unless they’re really, REALLY good…and this one was AWESOME!

Alright folks, time to ZUMBA!  Have a wonderful day!

What Disney movie is your favorite?

What do you do to stay committed to your health throughout the holiday season?

If you could be a Disney character, which one would you be?
I would loveeee to be Mulan or Merida because they kick major booty, but I adore Belle and Rapunzel!  My roommate also leaned over at the movie the other night and said that I was basically Ana (Frozen)…so there’s that, too.


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