Cold Means Run Faster

I woke up this morning ready to tackle the first long-ish run I’ve attempted in a while.  I had 8 miles on the agenda for the weekend’s long run and was more than ready to get back out and feel the rush of endorphins that usually accompanies a long run!

I waited until Tim headed to band practice around 10:30 before getting ready to hit the outdoors.  It took a while to find all of my winter layers and running gear – please notice how absolutely freezing it was outside.

Please notice the "FEELS LIKE" temperature
Please notice the “FEELS LIKE” temperature

I am a self-proclaimed leader of the Freezebaby Society so naturally I was dreading that first step out the door.


Gotta love neon and Christmas colors!!

I don’t normally do this, but I think the cold weather made me run faster.  Usually for long runs I just run at a pace that feels comfortable.  Comfortable for me is usually around 9:15 min/mi.  Well…my pace ended up being about 7 min/mi for the first mile, so I created the following run attack plan in my head to work on my speed a little bit.  While I’m not running the Santa Hustle for time, it’d be nice to not run the slowest I’ve ever ran.  Haha.


2 miles quick – 7-7:30 min/mi
2 miles recover – 9:30-10 min/mi
2 miles quick – 7:30-8 min/mi
2 miles recover – 9:30-10 min/mi

What ended up happening was I couldn’t keep myself running slow during those last two miles…I ended up running about an 8 min/mi pace for both of the last miles because I just got too darn cold when I slowed down.  A cooldown half mile turned into a cooldown mile for a total of 9 miles!


I LOVE when this happens 🙂  PS – Nike Sportwatch with GPS = the most amazing running gadget out there.  I’ve had mine for five months now and LOVE it!

Now onto the rest of the day!  Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend!


Do you run faster when it’s cold out?

What is your favorite way to do speedwork (if you attempt it, that is!)?

How do you track your runs? I use my Nike plus and used it on my phone for years before my watch!


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